Hello World!

@evelynbloggerHi, I wanted to share with y’all a bit about me. I was born in Brooklyn, NY. and grew up in my momma’s land, another island, way smaller named Boriken Puerto Rico. I have such rich stories in my heart and mind that since a little girl I wanted to get out. The internet gave me that outlet when publishers rejected me, partly out of self sabotage. But one day I self published a small poetry book. I was in my twenties, not long ago and I felt I needed to do something drastic. Well now you can find my book and also a bit more about me at http://evaluna0.tripod.com I am an old soul and a bit of a gypsy so the title Poems from a Gypsy Soul fitted perfectly to my first book. I hope that before I get to old and die, that I get to write few more books and even get published, I swear and promise to submit the chapters on time when requested and not renegotiate a contract ever again I take what I think my book deserves and won’t ask for much. Anyhow, my girls and my family and friends and even the few social media fan read my blurbs from time to time, so when you do, just check up my link up there and if want to be kind to the poorest writer ever buy my book ok? 😉