What is my color and my race?, I’ve being asked!!

True race doesn’t lay on the color of your skin. It lays in the percentage in your blood and DNA. Stop acting stupid like all the racist bigots of many cultures and races like fanatic Muslims and so on…


As the top student of my old College Sociology class I was assigned an unusual project (at least to my impression). I was supposed to research my family tree and then explain with what race I identified the most with, and to the teacher’s surprised I picked five different races, not the tipical, one, two, or three, that most students usually picked.

Here was the races’ list I was given?

Am I;

White ?

Black ?

Spanish ?

Asian ?

Middle Eastern ?

Indian ?

or Jewish?

And why I identify myself with that particular race?

Well it took me a long time to gather facts, since I never  met my father and I look more like him that my late mother, was Puerto Rican-White. Well thinking about my mom I found out I was “Spanish” with a strong White European background in our family DNA. And tracing what my father might have being, it was hard to   Descifer if he was a dark Spanish male, mixed with Black, Middle Eastern, Asian, or Asiatic/Indian, through some people who saw him, before I was born were able to tell me that he was part Indian and part Black. I decided to give him a fictional nickname, “The Moor” because that’s how I always imagined him and my vision of him was confirmed based on my family friend’s tale. I then sat down with my notepad and pen and paper in hand and I wrote my five choices.

I’m Spanish. Me llano, Evelyn Rodriguez. Hola!!

I’m Black. ( A medium milky chocolate beauty, curvy buttocks and wide hips don’t lie, lol )

I’m White (My perfil and my mother’s White DNA gave me the right to claim white as my race)

I’m Indian ( My father, who I long ago forgave for abandoning me, gave me his Indian race and features and the right to embrace the Indians a great part of me.)

And I’m Asian, don’t Indians come from Asia. Plus my eyes and fine straight black hair allows me to claim it, probably as technicality.

The result of my project? Well, I got a -B, because according to my professor  I did not understood the project and selecting five races was deviant. But I rather be deviant and get a B than deny my own ethnicity and the races who made the gorgeous me. The    Whole and grounded self in me.