Claire is Not at Home; Claire is Back Home (New Chapter)

Claire is finally rescued. But all she could do was re-play a “dream game” in her mind. They, the kidnapped young children,  stayed in their induced games for hours with a blanket over their heads. She herself spent many hours on those “dream games”  too and the only face representing those video games was the face of the late Apple company magnate Steve Jobs.

Claire was unhappy and not at home at all literally. She could face her reality of been a “taken” young woman. And although she had no idea of who Steve Jobs was it brought her a sense of solace and safety. His face was the face shown at the beginning of those digital dreams they were submitted to, in order to control them,and brainwash them.  There their reality was different, and they, she, had the control. Their reality was quite different. Her reality was the opposite as her dream-game world.

Claire had being not only rescued from her kidnappers by some computer hacker who found not only her but close to 50 other young men and women, that had been submitted to an online mind control  game. And one of them was finding a way to escape, but the anonymous hacker they dubbed Hero, help them escape. Ironically their Hero was no other than Claire herself. She had found a way to not succumb into the video mind controlling games. She diverted her thought into things she could relate to and missed. Yet she told the reporters, policemen, and everyone that she survived thanks to Steve Job’s face on the pc they were connected to and on a secret phone she got, and who she felt kept telling her to go on and never give up. She was obsessed with Steve Jobs work and words. Somehow she kept his words with her at all times. “Never give up on your dreams to succeed. Never give up.”

Now Claire was safe and back home. But her memories kept going back to a particular video game and the abandoned wearhouse buildings where they were kept hidden, abused, and even tortured. At least she had time to play her videos game for few minutes without no one knowing. One of her guardians was her accomplice, he only wanted to feel her boobs in return for letting her play her phone video game versus the mind controlling computer games, nothing else. So she agreed. They had a pact. And a strange friendship. She found herself  thinking about him and his whereabouts once she was returned home.

But (Was Claire really back home? Or was she still living in a dream? Did she meet with  her friendly kidnapper’s employee again? Will she ever be “Claire at home” again?  Read more from Claire, after she was rescued, on my short Police Fiction Novel “Claire is Not at Home” and “Clair is Back Home” here in my websites &