Over the Ice Box; Short Story


John Mackenzie, an advertisement Co. Executive had an important meeting he was late for. The reason he was late? He no longerd care. That simple. He had lost all interest in his “important job” 5 yrs. ago…

The world of adds and catchy headliners, once his biggest dream, became boring to him, one sunny morning as he drove away to his work morning meetings.

He felt he had wasted 40 yrs. of his life in commercial adds and lame stupid advertisents and sales, as his boss had told him on the phone the night before. And he didn’t disagree with him.

He had to catch up with the new trends and step up his game, his boss admonished him over the phone. He wasn’t comfortable with that but to his boss Bill, it was all to normal to call his subordinates and employees names and make them feel very little. He did it for their own good, he always said. And John couldn’t care less. He just didn’t want to take it anymore. But didn’t wanted to quit either. He wanted to prove his self worth.

So every morning he went for a walk before the meeting. Now her was making his ideas flow as he jogged and organized his schedule to make more time for his Advertisement campaigns and adds.

He really didn’t care much for his boss’s ideas but he signed his big fat checks and John and his high maintenance fiancé got used to it, and to Bill too, after all he was a cool nice guy in the end.

Besides John wasn’t ready to let some noobs take his place and make him, an already seasoned and skilled Advertise Executive, look like a fool or worst looking irrelevant, like an old icebox.

His thoughts and ideas kept flowing while he ready himself to cross the busy 5th Ave. in NY. he saw two servers in black and white uniforms, looking like the pinguin from batman in that garb, except one of them was tall and skinny, just like his old self, and the two funny looking men where pushing a large square box of ice.

It had some items inside and two large dead goose wrapped in newspaper and cellophane paper. They were ready to slide that icebox on the street and cross 5th Ave. heading to a fancy French / International restaurant few blocks down. “The French     and their goose!” He thought. And hailed a taxy as he kept watching that unusual big box of ice. It seemed it was giving him some sort of sign  but he wasn’t sure what kind of sign or what it was.

He shook his head and walk in the direction opposite to the French Restaurant and towards his work. There his boss received him with an upset and tired look on his face. “You are late!” said his boss, Mr. Bill Warren, looking and sounding like the white rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland” , as he looked as his pocket watch when he saw John getting out of the elevator and entering his office.

John looked at Bill’s funny figure and angry face and smirked walking into the office and closing the door behind them. John and Bill immediately started discussing a new campaign for an international whiskey millionaire account. It was very important to Bill and he trusted that John was the right guy to work with them.

After an half an hour of meeting they both knew what to present to their client Mr. Welch who had come directly from London to meet with John and  Bill Warren. The meeting was expected to smoothly so none of them were really worried about it.

Bill’s assistant Rita Sanchez interrupted their meeting as it was ending and right on time to announce a call for John. It was his ex-wife Joan. She needed him to watch their 9 year old son during the weekend, since she was going away with her friends to Atlantic City casinos.

He knew she was lying and that his fiancé Carissa was not fond of children, but he  had no other choice but to have little John Eduard Mackenzy with him for the weekend. Besides he loved seeing his only son anytime he could.

Joan had an older daughter too, from her prior marriage, but his step daughter was never fond of him or her little brother, and wasnt old enough to take care of herself for a whole weekend. She was only 15 and prone to fights with her almost 10 yr. old sibling.

Regardless John had promised Joan that he would look after Mandy as well. His weekend wasn’t going to be easy. Hopefully Carissa was in a nicer mood and willing to help him looking over the children.

As soon as he finished his conversation with his ex-wife, He saw Rita staring at him and flirting as usual. Since he had no wife now, his divorced was final led a month earlier, he decided to ask Rita out, but not at that moment. It wasn’t the time yet. He hadn’t decide how things will Clarissa would work out. So he decided refrain his animal impulses to take her on that same desk, and simply smiled back and gave her a small tap on her soft sculptured shoulders and walked away back into his own office.

Rita had a nice scent, a beautiful smile, and a lovely body, he thought of her face and smile as he began his work for the day. All day he thought how and when he would ask her out. And if he wanted to end his relationship with Carissa or not.

But mixing pleasure with business wasn’t usually his thing. People at work called him the iceman or icebox when it come to relationships and women. He loved women, but he was just to cold with them. He was a player, only a nicer quiet one….