Time to Register to Vote. It’s Your Right.


A Anonymous was here!!!

Are you all ready to Vote?

As you may know, our next US President 2016, will have the key and codes to nuclear power, to end or make more war. That is something must of us will want to have, right? Well, they will also make important decisions, not only on our economic issues but also on our own individual issues and concerns such as our EDUCATION, & HEALTH.Plus in any other issues such as WOMAN’S RIGHTS, ABORTION, GAY MARRIAGE, WEAPONS, DEPORTATION, IMMIGRATION, and so many more important decisions that will affect each one of us. So “we”think that we, [the “little” people] need to chose with one hand over our heart and the other one over our mouths, to remind us if we are letting our own VOTE silence us, or will our vote speak for us and what we truly believe in. In a GREAT-MODERN AMERICA!, where not only the rich gets to WIN.

Where everyone gets to be winners and not losers, and evil clowns.

We don’t want that kind of biased and outdated “great” version America, where women, children, babies, minorities, immigrants, veterans, and disabled individuals, etc., are spat on their faces, outcast, denigrated, mocked, and humiliated. We want a Great Modern America where our color, sex, age, religion, even our gender and sexuality is not the main thing of who we are as people, is not the main thing we look at or define us. Where our weight is not a reason to laugh about. Where bullies are not winners but losers. Because who wants a bully right in our back yards, even less in our Oval Office. Yes, our Oval Office, because that’s where citizens needs to voice their opinions, with letters, emails, calls to be heard and not being shut down and shut up. That’s the place that belongs to every American not just the rulers of our so called Democracy.  It may not be literally, but it should be that way because without our vote and opinions Politicians and Presidents, and “world rulers”shouldn’t and couldn’t be making those important decisions that will affect each one of us, and our entire country. So to make this short. JUST GO, STAND UP & VOTE!

_GLOBAL CITIZENS COMMUNITY MEMBER, Evelyn Rodriguez-Lallave & Anonymous 😉