Surviving Christmas

Many people hate or at least dislike Christmas, and Christmas time. We are just afraid of admitting it. And the more you hate Christmas, the more you decorate and the bigger you Christmas tree and lights may be. You don’t want to be like the “Grinch that stole Christmas”. So you play along. What else is to do?

It is a pleaure to buy presents on Christmas and give. Don’t get me wrong. That is one thing about Christmas I like. But I hate how the presents even Secret Santas must have to have a price limit and a high one. To make it worst, the most popular stores you would go to to get gifts from has bumped the prices of every single item you may be considering buying. So you go pick what you want and need to make everyone happy, and you go to pay with a full cart and a not so full wallet.

Wait your wallet is actually full not empty. Full of bills and collection letters. See, you are not the Elite 1%. You are not a Yale, or Harvard grandfathered student. You are not and Attorney or the children of Doctors, Generals, or  Presidents. You are a regular middle class American, and like most people, and you have bills from the hills of your feet to the top of your head. You are a  person who is on a poverty level scale, or low middle class, and your shopping cart is full. You have collections Reps. to debate with. People to answer too, like those people who you may owe money too. Gov. agencies like the IRS stealing your money. But your shopping cards is full, because it’s Christmas. And you can’t run away, from Christmas and that Christmas fog clouding your better judgment.

Because, you see? You are not like the rich people who gets to pay $1 or $0 on taxes and become Presidents laughing on poor people’s faces. You are a hardworking Teacher, Social Worker, Mailroom worker with dreams, with some big dreams, some with dreams bigger than themselves, some even with dreams of grandeur. Why? Because you want fairness. Because you don’t want to be poor. You don’t want to be a middle class nor a “low class” citizen. You deserve more. You need more…

Christmas is days away. You deserve to be able to afford that gourmet eggnog you hear so much about, the one with pistachios or coconuts in it.  You deserve to afford food for your Christmas Eve Dinner. You deserve to have your electricity bill paid, your water running, and you phone ringing with family and friends wishing you a freaking awesome MERRY CHRISTMAS!

And your shopping cart is full, why not? But your wallet is not so full. And the line is long. And your purse is heavy. And your head hurts and your feet gets swollen, because you just finished a 12 hr. shift at some retail store. A store who only give 10% discount to their employees, so they could feel better about themselves, or you worked long hours at a tedious call center. Growing your hips and bellies with their cafeteria greasy lunch or vending machine snacks.

But these jobs don’t give you Christmas bonuses. So they may feel good about themselves. But you don’t feel so good about yourself. You have a cart full, and you have have many bills to pay. You are at the end of the line then soon is your turn to pay.  Pay for the Christmas you think you deserve. And your mind is a fog until you are out of the store hating and loving Christmas at the same time and ready to go celebrate. And then you realize you forgot the ham or the whine. And you are gloomy because Christmas is so hard to survive.




Becoming a better version of yourself

“The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards. They either help us to become the best version of ourselves or encourage us to become lesser versions of ourselves. We become like our friends. No man becomes great on his own. No woman becomes great on her own. The people around them help to make them great.

We all need people in our lives who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose, and challenge us to become the best version of ourselves.”

-Quote from Matthew Kelly – The Rhythm of Life

Hey Santa! Hello Santa!

Dear Santa:

Hey Santa. Hello Santa!

Ho, Ho, Ho, hi there!

It is snowing in the North Pole right now? It has been warm and just a bit chilled here in Florida.

Well, why don’t you ask me tomorrow again. I have to think on the answer.

Well Santa! That’s a very easy question to answer.

Ho, Ho, Ho, how are you today?

Ok Santa, this is a nice chat, chatting with Santa and all but your answers are a bit off, you want to go slow on those Rum-eggnogs. Before I leave you. My question was what can I buy to my teenager’s son who doesn’t believe in Santa, and is not to sure about baby Jesus either.

That’s a very good question. Do you like ponies?

Ponies? Ponies? Well Dear Santa, my son is to big for ponies. So no he doesn’t like ponies! What gifts are good for him.

Let me see if he is on my naughty or nice list.

Sure Santa dearie, his name is Kenny.

Most Kenny’s are on the Naughty list.

Is mine on the Naughty list?

Kenny is on the nice list. What would Kenny like  for Christmas?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you.

Well, why don’t you ask me tomorrow again. I have to think on the answer.

Well, never mind Santa. Let me go to talk to your neighbors the three Wise Kings Men drinking warm ale there in the barn with their Camels. Merry Christmas!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas Ho!

Hey Melchor, Baltasar, & Gaspar, you are early this yr. you usually turn around by January 6th, with that crossing the desert in Camels following a star to Nazareth where a baby Jesus was born does take time doesn’t it.

Well we saw the Star sooner, the Camels had enough grass and we know Jesus is born the 25th, so we came early to help Santa with gifts.

Are the gifts coming in Camels to  or a Slay? (Being sarcastic here)

Our gift will always arrive by the power of the star in heaven. She will bring them to everyone’s home with the speed of light, that’s how we travel too so we are never late or stocked ever again like it happened when you were a kid. We want to apologize for that.

Don’t mention it Melchor. Enjoy your Ale. Balthazar, will our presents be hidden under our beds or inside the box filled with grass for the Camels out in the porch?

Well some will be hidden under the Christmas  three, if you have one, others will be hidden under your beds and pillows.It all depends how the parents want it to be. Are you ready to help too?

I will. I just have to turn the “Believers Meter” on that way many more people, old and young her their Christmas Spirit and their very special gifts too.

Good then. We need to make sure Santa sleep this one out then we can all start working on these gifts. What did you asked for Christmas btw? Asked Garpar, the third King.

I only asked for health and world peace.

Well leave it to us and Baby Jesus, Santa is busy with all those material gifts.

The End

By Evelyn Rodriguez – Lallave