What Women Wants, It’s not a Hook Up

What women want from their man?

Women not only wants to cuddle and watch a movie. We want attention, trust, love, communication, and details. We want silly talks, and funny texts, a romantic dinner before sex, maybe some wine or a drink, or just a cold bottle of water near the bed.

We enjoy details and attention. Not for your guy to tell you I’m taking you out to dinner tonight and you get all done and pretty then he try to take you to a Dennis, or Mc Donnalds, or some Buffet. (Though a nice Buffet is OK) We want our guy to spend time with us, to talk, and to listen what we have to say, no matter our issue or topic; about work, about life, & about nothing in particular…And to COMMUNICATE with us too!. That’s important in a relationship. COMMUNICATION AND TRUST!.

I personally need him to share with me his plans not with his family 1st., to be sweet, to trust in me and not make a fuss every time I want to go somewhere. But to give me a space too. I need my “Me Time”. I can’t baby sit my children and work all the time, and every single day. WOMEN DESERVE A LOT MORE. I deserve a break. I want to play too, to have fun, to go on a fishing trip, to play tennis, or volley ball on the beach. I want to climb a mountain. To ride a boat or a Jetski. I want to swim in a river or in the ocean, and watch a Sunset together or travel together, even if just cruising in car around town or other cities nearby…

I need to be treated like a woman not like an object. I’m not a photo, not a painting on the wall. I’m fucking real!

I’m not a plastic doll, if you know what I mean. And I’m not a trophy (wife). A trophy that you leave on a corner, put up on a shelf and forget about. One that you don’t touch and don’t want anyone to touch either. I’m a woman that feels, wants, and needs. And I need you to open up your heart to me. To show feelings, not being a cold bucket of ice but a warm fire that devour my body as well as my heart.

I want to simply be talked to, listen to, hugged, kissed, caressed without me having to be asking for it. I want to be invited to places without me being the one who makes all the plans 1st. I respect him when he takes charge of things and asks me how I feel about it. I want to be cuddled and not only when he wants sex, but also just for the comfort of having the person I am with and care about being there for me, when I need it. No just when he needs me or wants me. Is that so much to ask? 

But most men don’t get these things, for some strange reason. They seem to have their sympathy and sensibility button turned off. The only switch they have one is the one on their pants. But their brains and heart seems to me malfunctioning almost since their birth. I’m not against men or a Feminist either. But men needs to learn what women wants and need for them in order to find long stable relationships and not just a hook up. Cause I know they too have feelings, hidden deep in their many onions like skin. And they too feel lonely at times and may even want to be loved too.

So Men out there, all that a women need is communications, attention, trust, faithfulness, and TRUE LOVE!