My Grandson’s Deranged “Other Grandma”

Face off imageSo as usual, I took my grandson/son to have breakfast out with me. Today we went to Waffle House in Pinellas Park, FL, one of his favorite places at his young age of 9 months. I couldn’t help to think that he will be one year old very soon, in a matter of months and not his biological father and grandparents are doing anything for him. They don’t even want to see him or acknowledge him. They have probably seen just one single photo of him unless they follow him, us, in the social media sites. ( not promoting any of them here) Other than that they have no knowledge of my grandson.

While we were eating I head an older white lady chuckling. I turned to her and then to him, they were smiling and laughing to each other, the strange funny thing is that they didn’t knew each other till then.

She was just a nice older lady having breakfast at the near by table. It seems he found her familiar or interesting and would stop smiling at her and making funny faces to her.  I tell him not to talk or stare at strangers but he doesn’t know better, he is  only nine months old so I apologized to the lady and said, he thinks you looked familiar that’s why he is smiling and staring. She said I can probably remind him of his grandma.

That’s when it hit me, my boy is mixed, Hispano and White, and she looked white. At this early age in his life he is starting to relate and notice resemblance and things. He is literally a sponge, absorbing and learning. But I also noticed how sad that she wasn’t right cause he’ve never met the woman, his other grandma, a woman that hasn’t even asked for him, her own grandson, her bloods flesh, a woman so deranged and racist that she ruined my daughter’s life, future, and relationship with that woman’s son, a man-baby mama’s boy good for nothing old ass debth bit dad. That woman that is so heartless that because of  her manipulations her son did not wanted my daughter to bring my little boy to this world. But against all odds and even his own mother, my little Many is a gorgeous smart handsome baby and he will know one day how evil, mean, and heartless these people are.

It breaks my heart as a grandmother that my grandson has to go through all this being so young. Karma is a bitch. What you do comes back to hunt you, it will haunt them. She don’t know she is missing the love and care of such an amazing person like my boy is. So no he is not confusing that old nice lady for his deranged other grandma. He has never met her. But one thing I know you have to be crazy to not love my little Many, just to look at him smile your heart melts and everything else is good again…


Article by Evelyn Rodriguez-Lallave