Then I Could Hear My Heart Beating

Then I could hear my heart beating

I saw his bright face and time stood still.

It was as if my soul could recognize his.

As if my past was connected and entwined with his.

As if my pain and broken heart could feel his.

It hurt.

Staring at him was ripping out my soul.

His face was bright, and his soft full lips, 

looked thirsty to me as he slid closer and closer

He was tall, with wide bright eyes.

His naked chest was beating so fast,

Hard, harder than my own heart.

I couldn’t touch him. 

Although I tried.

All I could do was to feel.

Stay still.

Feel my blood rushing fast

into my head, my mind,

and through parts of my body

that I though long time forgotten and death.

And it hurt somehow,

knowing that this feeling

was the closest thing that I ever had to love.

It was much more than passion,

or even lust.

But he was forbidden to me.

My charming dark knight,

hurt by my same pain,

same loneliness,

and same longing

was finally face to face with me.

And I had to let him go,

as I felt my heart crack, breaking in two,

beating, and dying for love,

a love that couldn’t exist

because he was a only a ghost.

Poem by: Evelyn Rodriguez-Lallave