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Strange Things

Strange things happens to people every day. One morning you wake up from the wrong side of the bed, and with the left foot to make things worst. Your day begins with an overflow of coffee, a stained shirt and a few things to do that you don’t want to do, like morning laundry. Is Saturday morning on a Winter day. Today I just wanna go to see the snow and then go to see a movie and then I will probably have a good day. But that coffe stained in my shirt reminded me that I only have one clean shirt left and is not fit for cold weather. And my old jacket is dirty too I had spilled some hot coca on it the other day. I’m prone to spill things all over myself. And prone to accidents too. So I go to the overflown laundry room and fell in a pile of laundry face first. Definitely not my day, Firth the coffee on my last winter proof turtle neck off white shirt now this. I lifted myself move the clothing back into their basket while separating the whites from the colored ones. Segregation again, and in my own house.

Fuck segregation and racism. Why do that have to come to my mind while I’m trying to laundry. I really need to bring this crap to my therapist, when I find one, because I don’t presently have a therapist. But this needs to be studied deeply. Clothes and racism and how are they connected. Ok I’m trying to be funny and I’m sounding more like a lunatic or schizophrenic woman than a comical lady. Anyhow check mark on the things to do list.

Fist load of laundry finished. Dry shirt. Coffee is good and still hot. Next is googling a matinee movie go to after watching the fake snow show at the mall. Aquaman and Braven, but with Jason Momoa in the main role, are playing on theaters. Hard choice, but he looks sexier in Aquaman and my daughter wanted to see the movie too so Aquaman it is. I put on a second load of laundry finish cleaning the dishes and the kitchen, then run to the bathroom to remove the curlers and hair pins I had put on the night before, once that was done I was ready to go and all set. I call my daughter to confirm the movie schedule. She was happy as a child to go to the movies, specially when I was the one paying that ridiculously expensive movie ticket of $12 per person. That’s an assault, a robbery on daylight and in front of everyone’s faces. But nevertheless I got the tickets online and got a students discount. She is a college student. After the movies we ordered pizza at home, mother daughter time. We like to eat pizza and watch more movies in Hulu, etc. while talking any silly topic that comes to mind. The pizza boy arrives and is an ex coworker who looked more like a male stripper than an Uber eat delivery guy. He begins to dance as he hands the pizza to me and I think my daughter has hired a male stripper for real. Turns out that he recognized me from his previous job and was doing a silly happy dance. Ok then! Dance away. I have that effect in people, just don’t ruin my pizza or it’s free. Next strange thing the home phone rings. I forgot I had a home phone and a home phone line for that matter. It was some Trump supporter asking for donations. Well I’m democrat so that call was very strange to me and two is not elections time. The caller ID read Scam Likely. I have Scam Likely number sabes on my iPhone but not on my caller ID so this call was probably a Scam, for real.

Now is raining, phone ringing, movie on, pizza getting cold, pizza delivery guy gone untouched and with a small tip in his pant’s pockets, and my daughter complaining about how late the pizza arrived and the delivery guy flirting with me. My children over protect me. They think someone is going to steal me away one day. My oldest daughter specially, she monitors my life, how I talk, what I say to people specially her friends, and how I dress, what to shop at the stores, and how much alcohol to drink. Etc. But she won’t hear or take any of my advices. Now she is sleep training her baby, her own way. No advices from me will help cause she won’t take them. She gets angry instead if I insist on helping her. So I answer the phone and to my surprise I just won a trip to the Bahamas and 4 nights and 3 days at the Ramada hotel in Orlando Florida all expenses paid except hotel taxes and 299.00 port fees. Wow! I’m trolled. I never completed any online travel survey they claim I did. But I take the trip anyways and have a whole year to use it, well to claim it. I tell them to keep the Bahamas part and that I will pay the 20.00 hotel tax ahead. Heck 60.00 for 3 days can’t be beat! It was my lucky day after all. My daughter was ballistic of how naive I was and how I let people fool me into buying stuff. I like shopping what can I say. I’ll pay you to sell me something, if I really like it and can afford it. But that just me…

Keep reading. More of my trip soon…