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Strange Things

Strange things happens to people every day. One morning you wake up from the wrong side of the bed, and with the left foot to make things worst. Your day begins with an overflow of coffee, a stained shirt and a few things to do that you don’t want to do, like morning laundry. Is Saturday morning on a Winter day. Today I just wanna go to see the snow and then go to see a movie and then I will probably have a good day. But that coffe stained in my shirt reminded me that I only have one clean shirt left and is not fit for cold weather. And my old jacket is dirty too I had spilled some hot coca on it the other day. I’m prone to spill things all over myself. And prone to accidents too. So I go to the overflown laundry room and fell in a pile of laundry face first. Definitely not my day, Firth the coffee on my last winter proof turtle neck off white shirt now this. I lifted myself move the clothing back into their basket while separating the whites from the colored ones. Segregation again, and in my own house.

Fuck segregation and racism. Why do that have to come to my mind while I’m trying to laundry. I really need to bring this crap to my therapist, when I find one, because I don’t presently have a therapist. But this needs to be studied deeply. Clothes and racism and how are they connected. Ok I’m trying to be funny and I’m sounding more like a lunatic or schizophrenic woman than a comical lady. Anyhow check mark on the things to do list.

Fist load of laundry finished. Dry shirt. Coffee is good and still hot. Next is googling a matinee movie go to after watching the fake snow show at the mall. Aquaman and Braven, but with Jason Momoa in the main role, are playing on theaters. Hard choice, but he looks sexier in Aquaman and my daughter wanted to see the movie too so Aquaman it is. I put on a second load of laundry finish cleaning the dishes and the kitchen, then run to the bathroom to remove the curlers and hair pins I had put on the night before, once that was done I was ready to go and all set. I call my daughter to confirm the movie schedule. She was happy as a child to go to the movies, specially when I was the one paying that ridiculously expensive movie ticket of $12 per person. That’s an assault, a robbery on daylight and in front of everyone’s faces. But nevertheless I got the tickets online and got a students discount. She is a college student. After the movies we ordered pizza at home, mother daughter time. We like to eat pizza and watch more movies in Hulu, etc. while talking any silly topic that comes to mind. The pizza boy arrives and is an ex coworker who looked more like a male stripper than an Uber eat delivery guy. He begins to dance as he hands the pizza to me and I think my daughter has hired a male stripper for real. Turns out that he recognized me from his previous job and was doing a silly happy dance. Ok then! Dance away. I have that effect in people, just don’t ruin my pizza or it’s free. Next strange thing the home phone rings. I forgot I had a home phone and a home phone line for that matter. It was some Trump supporter asking for donations. Well I’m democrat so that call was very strange to me and two is not elections time. The caller ID read Scam Likely. I have Scam Likely number sabes on my iPhone but not on my caller ID so this call was probably a Scam, for real.

Now is raining, phone ringing, movie on, pizza getting cold, pizza delivery guy gone untouched and with a small tip in his pant’s pockets, and my daughter complaining about how late the pizza arrived and the delivery guy flirting with me. My children over protect me. They think someone is going to steal me away one day. My oldest daughter specially, she monitors my life, how I talk, what I say to people specially her friends, and how I dress, what to shop at the stores, and how much alcohol to drink. Etc. But she won’t hear or take any of my advices. Now she is sleep training her baby, her own way. No advices from me will help cause she won’t take them. She gets angry instead if I insist on helping her. So I answer the phone and to my surprise I just won a trip to the Bahamas and 4 nights and 3 days at the Ramada hotel in Orlando Florida all expenses paid except hotel taxes and 299.00 port fees. Wow! I’m trolled. I never completed any online travel survey they claim I did. But I take the trip anyways and have a whole year to use it, well to claim it. I tell them to keep the Bahamas part and that I will pay the 20.00 hotel tax ahead. Heck 60.00 for 3 days can’t be beat! It was my lucky day after all. My daughter was ballistic of how naive I was and how I let people fool me into buying stuff. I like shopping what can I say. I’ll pay you to sell me something, if I really like it and can afford it. But that just me…

Keep reading. More of my trip soon…



It’s being such a long day, today. 

Such a dragging day!
It’s being raining all day,
How could a single day be this gloomy and sad?

How could I be this mad!

My tears had turned into a non stop river. 
My home into a lake.
It is so cold and clouded outside;
And I truly miss being by your side.

I couldn’t hug you today
like I used to do every day.
I couldn’t hold you.
I couldn’t kiss you goodbye.

With someone else
you ran away, last night.
How could you dare
breaking my heart?

It’s being a long day, today.
It’s being raining all day,
How could a day be so sad?

Then I Could Hear My Heart Beating

Then I could hear my heart beating

I saw his bright face and time stood still.

It was as if my soul could recognize his.

As if my past was connected and entwined with his.

As if my pain and broken heart could feel his.

It hurt.

Staring at him was ripping out my soul.

His face was bright, and his soft full lips, 

looked thirsty to me as he slid closer and closer

He was tall, with wide bright eyes.

His naked chest was beating so fast,

Hard, harder than my own heart.

I couldn’t touch him. 

Although I tried.

All I could do was to feel.

Stay still.

Feel my blood rushing fast

into my head, my mind,

and through parts of my body

that I though long time forgotten and death.

And it hurt somehow,

knowing that this feeling

was the closest thing that I ever had to love.

It was much more than passion,

or even lust.

But he was forbidden to me.

My charming dark knight,

hurt by my same pain,

same loneliness,

and same longing

was finally face to face with me.

And I had to let him go,

as I felt my heart crack, breaking in two,

beating, and dying for love,

a love that couldn’t exist

because he was a only a ghost.

Poem by: Evelyn Rodriguez-Lallave

The “Indians” are Coming

“I think of the lizards airing their tongues 
In the crevice of an extremely small shadow 
And the toad guarding his heart’s droplet. 

The desert is white as a blind man’s eye, 
Comfortless as salt. Snake and bird 
Doze behind the old maskss of fury…

…The sun puts its cinder out. Where we lie 
The heat-cracked crickets congregate 
In their black armorplate and cry. 

The day-moon lights up like a sorry mother, 
And the crickets come creeping into our hair 
To fiddle the short night away.” ( Excerpt  of Sylvia’s Plath poem, Sleep in the Mojave Desert )

They are comming on foot, in horses and in caravans, reclaiming what was theirs, what once belong to them, their fathers and forefathers. But this time around the “Indians” as some derogatorily call them, these indigenous by blood and Americans by right of their land, North, Central, and South, are coming in avalange to take what’s theirs. But not by brute force as they lost their land once to the British, and the Spaniards or the Anglo-Americans that weren’t either British nor Spanish conquistadors.  Yet their modus operandum were as equally as devastating as the later ones.

To them,  the Anglo-Americans’ actions were worst, because they were determined to make home in a country that was already populated by Natives, and indigenous, from the Chayannes, to Navajos, to the Apaches, and the forgotten Taínos, and many more. So now a new group with indigenous blood and fire in their eyes and soles were coming into the “New America” as they called it. 

The New America

Over centuries a group of people called Gringoes, and who were direct descendants of the British and Spaniards Pilgrims and Soldiers showed up to the Native people’s  backyards with either food or weapons. With friendship or war. It was something very confusing to each one of the 3 nations, the North, the Central and the South American Native tribes. Each one had one single leader the North was a nice old man named Noel. No one knew his real indigenous name for he only went by his Anglo given name as his mother as Anglo too. 

My Grandson’s Deranged “Other Grandma”

Face off imageSo as usual, I took my grandson/son to have breakfast out with me. Today we went to Waffle House in Pinellas Park, FL, one of his favorite places at his young age of 9 months. I couldn’t help to think that he will be one year old very soon, in a matter of months and not his biological father and grandparents are doing anything for him. They don’t even want to see him or acknowledge him. They have probably seen just one single photo of him unless they follow him, us, in the social media sites. ( not promoting any of them here) Other than that they have no knowledge of my grandson.

While we were eating I head an older white lady chuckling. I turned to her and then to him, they were smiling and laughing to each other, the strange funny thing is that they didn’t knew each other till then.

She was just a nice older lady having breakfast at the near by table. It seems he found her familiar or interesting and would stop smiling at her and making funny faces to her.  I tell him not to talk or stare at strangers but he doesn’t know better, he is  only nine months old so I apologized to the lady and said, he thinks you looked familiar that’s why he is smiling and staring. She said I can probably remind him of his grandma.

That’s when it hit me, my boy is mixed, Hispano and White, and she looked white. At this early age in his life he is starting to relate and notice resemblance and things. He is literally a sponge, absorbing and learning. But I also noticed how sad that she wasn’t right cause he’ve never met the woman, his other grandma, a woman that hasn’t even asked for him, her own grandson, her bloods flesh, a woman so deranged and racist that she ruined my daughter’s life, future, and relationship with that woman’s son, a man-baby mama’s boy good for nothing old ass debth bit dad. That woman that is so heartless that because of  her manipulations her son did not wanted my daughter to bring my little boy to this world. But against all odds and even his own mother, my little Many is a gorgeous smart handsome baby and he will know one day how evil, mean, and heartless these people are.

It breaks my heart as a grandmother that my grandson has to go through all this being so young. Karma is a bitch. What you do comes back to hunt you, it will haunt them. She don’t know she is missing the love and care of such an amazing person like my boy is. So no he is not confusing that old nice lady for his deranged other grandma. He has never met her. But one thing I know you have to be crazy to not love my little Many, just to look at him smile your heart melts and everything else is good again…


Article by Evelyn Rodriguez-Lallave

Hueles a Mar: Poema por Evelyn “Eva” Rodriguez

Hueles a mar, a Neptuno.
Es verano y el calor de ayer
que aun sigue impregnado
en tu tosca piel.

Todo en ti sabe a océano.
Hasta tu pelo me huele a sopa de algas y tu cuerpo a carolas y a arena mojada…
Tu sudor tiene también el sabor
de la sal de mar.

Hueles a océano, a rocas y a mar;
Hueles a arena.
y a rios desbordados,
a lagos y a charcos…

Eres árbol maduro
y yerba seca;
Hueles a arena y a tierra mojada
y a las hojas de la Palma
y me sabes a plátano, y a pastel…

Hueles a cerveza
Y a jugo de manzana,
hueles a uvas en sangria y a vino tinto…
Tus manos firmes pero suaves
huelen a trigo
cuando cocino
ya sea un arroz,
una pasta, salami con quesos y un vino
o galletas con caviar…

Tu aroma es el sol sobre el mar,
con un natural suave y varonil musk.
Hueles a caracol y playa,
a marinero y a pescador.

Tienes la escénica de la miel y veranos de pasión;
Me sabes a ayer
y a nuestras tórridas noches
de pasión y amor
que se quedaron tatuadas
en el pasado
en el reloj de tiempo sembradas
muy hondo en las múltiples mareas
y olas de mi corazón.

Our Government should provide immigrants with Long Term Work Visas & give them Citizenship or Green Cards, Asylum and an apology!

Many people asked, begged and demanded President Trump to create a Temporary Shelter, and provide immigrants with Temporary Long Term Work Visas & give them Citizenship, Green Cards, Asylum, and an apology to these families that has been separated so cruelly and vicious from their most precious and value things they have their children.

These immigrant families are currently been victimized by our current President’s zero tolerance policies. The ones that were released and the ones still detained are not criminals as the President and his followers want you to think. They are brave victims, refusing to stay victims and taking action no matter how hard and difficult may be for them so they can have a better safer life for their children as well as themselves.

The immigrants got here to America running from the violence in their own country, running from their lives, away from gangs,  corrupt police officers, drug cartels, criminal & corrupt government and the militias, and mobs  of human traffickers and gangs. Any country have those but in some countries the criminality and murder rates are high and these families are afraid for the uncertain future of their children and their well being.

But sadly young girls as young as 10 or 12 yrs. old are in a huge danger of becoming sexual slaves or being kidnapped in those countries. Young boys, teenagers, and even young adults are forced by militias, drug dealers, and human traffickers to steal, and sell drugs, and are terrorized daily by them. These families need asylum.

Families, like these brave ones, who do not want that atrocities happening to their children are coming to America asking for Asylum. Lots of the immigrants arriving to our borders are Professional people. It costs over 10,000 to pay someone to cross them to America.

In trun it costs Trumps administration 35,000 dollars and some to keep each immigrant child jailed. This was said by a Republican representative as argument to defend his conservative bill and his request for money to build their wall. As of today the amount of children detained is over 3,300, you do the math.

Wealthy professional immigrant families, and poor families too, are being harassed, robbed, even kidnapped and murdered by criminals that are usually  backed by drug lords, like the late Pablo Escobar, and the corrupt politicians and government leaders in their countries. They need and deserve asylum, not to be treated like common criminals and not to kidnap and hide their children from them.

The immigrant families and the families in separation detention camps have lost everything they had and worked so hard for, they been kidnapped, beaten, sexually abused, and their loved ones killed or forced to pay protection money to mobsters im their countries, and they come here so same thing doesn’t keep happening to them and their children. The criminals are not only gangs but government militias. Other people come to the U.S, because they are abused by their spouses, or out of plain fear, and necessity too. They need asylum.

This is not a fiction story. These are real events. A real story of what these families and their children in cages have experienced and are experiencing right now. The unmentionable horrible things that happened the taken babies and children and their families are TRUE and are to many to mention.

President Trump and the Nazi wanna be Jeff Sessions and few heartless Republican Senators are putting the immigrants currently crossing the border in jail and their children in cages like wild animals and not giving them a choice and option or a helping protective hand. THESE FAMILIES NEED ASYLUM.

The money wasted in jails, tent segregation separating camps, cages and transporting immigrants in buses or planes and in paying so much staff, plus the money used to prevent helping people and politicians have access to these children it’s wasted tax money that can be put for better use, such as to help our emporiverished communities for example.

TAKE OUR TAX MONEY, to create shelters, visa programs, humanitarian programs, long term work and training programs for everyone who needs it. The immigrants coming here are not bad uneducated people, there are doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, nurses, engineers, contractors, and poor people too but with experience, such as laborers with experience in gardening, landscaping, child care, maintenance, cleaning and cooking, clothes making, assemblers, electricians, farmers, and all kind of jack of all trades who are immigrating to seek Political asylum, here in America. They deserve our help. They need asylum.

These immigrants are good normal people like you and me and possibly more grounded and stronger than us as they were able to endure such hardships and have the bravery, strength and courage to get themselves to safety. Even victims of domestic violence are trying to get asylum but are getting it denied. Instead they are paying for being brave and leaving abusing relationships and rescuing their children from those abusing partners they had, whom were probably and most likely members of the same gangs that had terrorized them and their families for many years know.

Children are been sold or taken from these immigrant families. The immigrants are coming here to get their children to safety out of the hands of those criminal predators. To learn, to become productive citizens like you and. To live, grow old here, marry, have children and grandchildren like our fore fathers did so long ago. We are the new generation, multicolored, multiracial, multi-talent people.

But President Trump is still keeping these families detained, even after he signed some documents. Immigrant children are now receiving even more abuse by heartless, irresponsible, inconsiderate and plain evil and Border Patrol agents who have sexually abused some of those same immigrants and even their children after they suffered through hell to get here to America and request and beg for help.

There has been reports of few cases of abuse and sexual abuse and rape by the same the staff in those facilities. This is unacceptable, inhuman, cruel, and heartless. We are begging, asking, demanding that this is fixed for good. Not in part but in whole. We beg that these families get proper treatment. Asylum, shelters, visas, legal and medical assistance and therapy.

Let’s be the Americans we once were, the ones who helped others, the ones who were respected and admired  and even feared by other countries. Let’s be the America that welcomes everyone no the one that segregated people for their religions, backgrounds or skin colors. Let’s Be Better! Let’s be a Better Great America, if is in our power to do so.

Let’s help the immigrants become productive Americans and possibly live as equals. Thanks!

Children in Cages- Zero Tolerance = Zero Heart


Yesterday morning President Trump signed an executive order, while saying, “Yvanka doesn’t like it. Things are going to change…” Yet not much has changed. In Texas border, the Border Patrol has been doing the same thing they’ve done since about a month now, arresting immigrants who turn themselves in requesting Asylum, and the separation of families policy and process continues.

According to a retired U.S. Border Patrol she urged Border Partrol agente to refuse arresting and separating these particular families quoting, “I won’t do it because it’s illegal” They can say that but to this moment no one knows how many Border Patrols have done that and how many have left their jobs because of the Borders issues, so called “crisis”. Plus no one knows what will happen to Border Patrol if they refuse, will they be fired, which they shouldn’t since they are doing what’s right refusing to do something that is illegal even if it’s order by the President himself.

In the meantime shelters are overflown, some families were reunited yesterday and are still been rescued I meant reunited with their families while they are processed or as they are released to shelters and on their own. There is no knowledge of where will most families that are arrested and or detained will be going too.  And why there are still families not reunited with the formerly Caged Children.