Most people I've met have being bullied, knew someone that was bullied or were bullies. Our bullies. My son Kenneth is now 17. And I've cried my eyes out for him since he was a little boy he learned what bullies whet and was constantly bullied himself. I signed him up for martial arts and should've… Continue reading OUR BULLIES.

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No Regrets by an Unapologetical Fierce Woman

"I live with no regrets. Unapologetic. And one day at a time."  _E.R.L. Hello World, Sometimes, I wonder why would anyone wants to read my blogs? Or what is it that will finally bring them to my pages, my books? What can I do to get people to read me, see me as a Writer/Blogger/Author. Am I… Continue reading No Regrets by an Unapologetical Fierce Woman