Talking to a Mirror and More Poems….

Talking to a Mirror

I can see what you see.

I see my mother when I see me

Oh mirror!,

My dear friendly mirror!

I’m in denial.


I saw the leaves of time

as they passed by

gently caressing my face.


It seemed as if

with each small kiss,

of every hour,

of every year,

of every day

time would come in

and paint fading fine lines

right over our unaware faces.


Almost like a mask,

that we unwillingly

have placed over it.

A facade!

( A lie?)

A new ME!

A new YOU!

A new US!

A new wiser being!

Yet, we are still the same.

We are! We are!

Nothing and,


everything has changed.


It’s called “middle age”

And I see you,

when I see me

my sweet old cruel honest friend,

Oh mirror!,

My dear friendly mirror!

smiling, laughing, crying,

and staring back at me,

like a scene from Snow White

or worst Breakfast at Tiffany…


Aging beautifully, but aging,

I see my mother

staring at me through the glass,

even my dad I see,

and all of us in my family,

who’ve reached now 20’s, 30’s, 40’s,

even 50’s, and even much much older

all of us lumped together like an old sienna photo

crammed up inside that mirror

smiling or sad,

but simply staring back…


Our parents, our children,

our friends, ourselves,

everyone that has at once magically

grown up and aged

are there inside the same mirror of time,

walking around in this timeline.


I see all of us in that same mirror,

in that same boat

in the same windows of time

that is all suspended inside

a  magical mirror…


Yes. We have all met before

this cruel knife

called Time;

It has cut more than stipes

over our skins,

it has cut off friendship,


and old familiar strings,

even the air I breath…


Time comes and go

is never here to stay.

But there’s no need nor reason to fret

as aging is something

of a gift to embrace…


This surgical knife of time

is molding us

into molded figures of earth like clay

with a permanent smile

or a frown on our faces,

much like carved pumpkins

in Hallowing Town.


But there’s no need to pain,

it’s just all a part of life, just a game

of growing old.


Yet we may grow bold,

and wise

even witty and naughty sometimes.

That’s life.

Set la Vie!

There’s still

so much ahead.


So much we can offer to life

and do for each other,

for the community, and other,

for our loved ones, lets say

So I’ve promised myself

never to forget

that age is only a stage.

One more step…

There’s so much I have to give,

so much to want, to miss,

to need and to receive.


So many great reasons to fight,

to live!

So please

be happy and be glad

to exist,

to have lived

and have experienced

a very a joyful life.


I am! Oh mirror!,

My dear friendly mirror!

Gate keeper of many secrets.

My beautiful confidant!


With each gentle kiss

we give to our children

and our loved one

when they are resting at night in bed,

when they go out, and on each birthday,

with every kiss and every moment

that passes by,

just like when your kiss your lover’s lips,

your husband, your wife

or hug your mother and your dad

time is relentless

passing us by.


A brush of wind

rushing outise

our windows

flowing through our body

like a deadly quiet poison

and onto the old canals

below the streets.

Time is a creep.


Oh mirror!, My dear friendly mirror!

It’s like a stalker, a stake out!

Time watches you,

follows you,

and then jumps you!


It grabs you,

then seduce you without consent

it holds you hard

takes you by surprise.

It messes up your hair,

make ruffles your body,

stain your clothes,

tears you up to pieces…


It toys with you and then

shrinks the waist of your pants

and your too if you let him.

That assessment lover,

that evil time!


And later, one by one,

Oh mirror!, My dear friendly mirror!,

invisible lines

like magic roots and vines

will grow and crawl all over you.

But no need to cry.


_Time is like “thorns” and roses,

or fancy orchids

and dry wine

or like the gentle sweet lilies,

growing and blooming

in the soft plush garden

that I’ve become_

And sadly I

found out my orchids

don’t enjoy the sun.

Not much.


And they might even have

a not so uniform shape.


Yet much like a bouquet

of red roses or violets

they look more striking with each day,

as I do to you, as you do to me…


So you see?

Oh, mirror!, Dear friend!

Things can be different and good at the same…

So lets not stop smiling.

Let the light

of all your great amazing years of life,

Let the conquered fears,

the experiences,

and all the memories you have,

being drawn into your deep eyes

and draw deeper your remarkable smile.


Let the frame of naïveté

and joyful youth

take a better shape of a new old you!

Self-assured, beautiful, and smart.


_You’ve become the Star of the Ball.

So laugh out loud.

Do it. Do it now!

Time is relevant.

Time is only time.

Keep that amazing light you have inside

shine clear through your now saddened eyes.


Time is time; we still exist,

we still have a long life…


By Evelyn R.L.